Awesome Beginnings

I am pursuing my lifelong goal of creating a community rooted in a common education. My first year out of college, I lived in a rural community in Korea. There, I would often venture out to a place called Rock Part. It is a beautiful
place surrounded by massive rocks and a bending river. One day, at the park, there were kids from the local church, frantically looking under, over, around the rocks, looking for something. It looked like a lot of fun. The adults were chatting nearby and I envied the social connectedness
of a people united in a singular worldview. As I saw them, I couldn’t help but think that there was a place like this for me too. As I pondered this question of how to foster such a community, I immersed myself in my work at the local school. I soon found that
education rooted in relational ethics and a love of learning could be the foundation for something just as beautiful as what I saw at the park that day.

Over the years, I’ve grown my capacity to educate others. A teacher, a tutor, a mentor – I’ve done it all. My current mission is to extend my reach. With this heart, I can cultivate a soul, but with these arms, I will reach many.

“Becoming is better than being.”

-Carol Dweck